Late Middle English (in the sense ‘representing many individuals’): from Old French collectif, -ive or Latin collectivus, meaning   ‘gathered together’


We are currently gathering as Collectives in different ways and places across Liverpool, below are a couple of examples


Collective Meals

We meet weekly in homes across Liverpool to share life and food.

Collective meals began as a way to reach students living away from home, the idea was to offer them the experience similar to visiting family once a week. It has since involved to include others also living way from home that want that weekly opportunity to eat and connect.

Why not contact us about joining a local Collective Meal group?

Collective mums

There are families living in the Ropewalks! This may shock you, as there doesn't seem to be any thought towards them... no playgrounds, green spaces and a general lack of other services for families.

Collective Mums aims to be a support for families of the Ropewalks by creating a network of support that provides relational interaction, care and the sharing of resources.

why not contact us about joining a Collective Mums group?