In June 2017 the we packed up our belongings and relocated from Melbourne Australia to the Ropewalks of Liverpool

We're Australians

We grew up avoiding spiders, snakes and sharks...

Before relocating we were on a church planting team in the south east suburbs of Melbourne. For a decade we worked mostly in community development, helping to establish a community centre, school chaplaincy network and other family programs.




Creating a new home

We arrived in Liverpool in June 2017 and have set up life in the Ropewalks.  

We have come to enjoy many things about Liverpool; the people, the coffee, the culture and the creativity! 

Living in a city neighbourhood is exciting as life is happening around us but it is also very isolating... as we try to break through that isolation you'll find us in a cafe, whiskey bar or a playgroup meeting people and making new friends.

Scott lives for basketball while Rachel enjoys people, music and food. 


Our Mission

We believe God is real and HE LOVES YOU!

In urban space's people's personal, spiritual and relational lives often succumb to the hectic and isolating nature of urban living. In response to this, we desire to create opportunities for people to encounter God's love and build genuine community.

Find out more about why we believe in God