Love, Identity and Community

 RopeChapel is driven by the idea that GOD LOVES YOU. When you experience and embrace that love you will change the way you see yourself, your value and your self worth. God's love unties us and ultimately draws us into community.



God's Love


We believe God is real and that He loves you.

God's love does not discriminate or neglect.

God’s love is unconditional, but a relationship with God is not. Relationships involve change, however change doesn't happen without a genuine experience of God’s love.

"We will never say no to what harms us until we have something healthy to say yes too"           -Chip Dodd

God's love heals, transforms, and unites. It's free and will change the way you see your self and others around you.

God loves you... Will you accept that?




From childhood we go through life attempting to answer this question. It is a search for worth and value, it is a search for meaning. Some of us our searching for cosmic significance, others are searching to spiritually connect with the world. Maybe its love, maybe its power, but ultimately your need for worth is so powerful that whatever you base your identity and value on will be what you exalt. You will look to it with all the passion and intensity of worship and devotion, even if you think of yourself as highly irreligious.

Human beings where made not only to believe in God in some general way but to love Him and centre their lives on Him above anything else, your identity is to be built out of this love and relationship to God and how He sees you.

Anything other than this is sin. Sin is not an action it is an identity crisis.

  • We believe identity away from God is inherently unstable

  • We believe the solution is to embrace God’s love and discover the way He sees you

We would love to see you  become whole, healed and flourishing in a secure, God-given identity.

Does this scare you? Does this sound stifling?

Remember this: If you don’t live for God you will live for something else.





A lot of attention is paid to the miracles Jesus performs in the bible. He healed the blind, the lame and the sick... but what happened next?

What you need to understand is that in the days Jesus walked the earth if you had something wrong with you, you were not allowed into the public spaces. In affect you where isolated from community.

When Jesus performed a miracle in their situation he didn't just heal them, he also brought them out of isolation and back into community.

Community is important to God and its important to us. 

We are attempting to be a presence of Peace and Comfort in the Ropewalks of Liverpool by creating ways for people to engage in community. We call them Collectives and we'd love you to join one.


RopeChapel is a local branch of the Apostolic Church UK